Mom, I'm scared..

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Liittynyt: 8.8.2009

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On rakkaudesta helppo runoilla.. Omia tunteitani&ajatuksiani enimmäkseen kuvailen :) Olehan ihana, äläkä tyydy vain ensimmäisiin runoihin ^^ palautetta otan mielelläni myös vastaan, sekä risuja että ruusuja @---}-

..I don't know where my life's heading
now soon I'm done with studying
this situation is scaring me, that's for sure
I'm growning up yet still feeling immature

Soon I'll need to find a job
get an income, place, and a car
wait- I've got a place, I've got a car
and a billpile that's growing - fast and far

I'm scared of the new, I need more time
I wish I had that, would you say it's a crime?
Day by day the end's coming closer
Could someone hold up the time, make it go slower?

I don't feel ready
though I should be already
I focus on keeping my mind steady
focus on what's ahead of me

I don't feel like I can take it
but I promise to you - I will make it
Though I don't know what it's going to be
but I owe it to you and especially for me.


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