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Liittynyt: 17.5.2005

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It's like in the great stories, Mr.Frodo, the ones that really mattered.

November, first snow falls down
making me hear the divine sounds of the piano
that you played to me with longing
when I was far away from home.

November, I see you in the window
Your beautiful reflection in the pure white snowflakes
I see them melt when they reach the ground
and I know, I've come home.

November, God's love is infinite
He took me away from where I was deeply rooted
and showed His mercy from time to time
and He guided me home.

November, I'll always remember it
how I shed my tears when wanted to be close to you
But I know that we're meant to be this way
and with you, my love, I'm home.

November, I don't feel the wind anymore
that wanted to take me away from the green fields.
I see them differently now, I see you.
And I love my home.

Kaukana kotoa, kaukana rakkaastani.

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