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Liittynyt: 17.5.2005

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It's like in the great stories, Mr.Frodo, the ones that really mattered.

Tell me
How can it suddenly be my time to be strong
After all these years you protected me from all evil
You always praised me, said that I was the bright one, the well-balanced one
Each time it made me feel flattered, but uncertain of its truthfulness

I've been there, seen it, despite my adolescense
I've tried to be someone else, seen that it doesn't work
Fallen to little pieces while trying to find out who I really am
Now I try to piece the puzzle without being sure which are the right pieces

Arguments, violence, abuse, difficult human relations
The words make me shiver, but no, not cry anymore
You tried to ensure my safety and I am very proud of you
But even you cannot protect me from myself

Although it seems like yesterday I was playing at a sandbox
And now all of a sudden I'm completely unprepared, not ready
The world hasn't still opened up to my heart completely
And suddenly I should be mature enough to take over it

Don't force me to grow, I said to you, don't force my mind to forget
All of the simple little things I feel so empty without
But I look at myself and I see the person I've grown up to be
And I see, what I should be, but what am I?

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