selfish woman

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Liittynyt: 17.5.2005

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It's like in the great stories, Mr.Frodo, the ones that really mattered.

Be clear, do not confuse my soul
just because you might be confused.

Do not play games with my visions
as if they were nothing.

I'm asking you to speculate, to analyse
and to have some of the things in your mind
that are stressing me and my heart.

I feel that you are distant
but not sure at all if you care or not
if you keep me in your heart
also while far away.

Let me be a part of your world
not just the image of me, but who I am
with all my thoughts and interests.

I'm thinking, if you are clear or not
clearer than ever or never to be understood.

Maybe it's why your heart fascinates me
Maybe it's why you distract me in my mind
why you lure your way there every moment.

But is our connection gone?

Sekavaa, sekavaa... Vois olla enemmän runomuodossa, tää on tällaista arkipäivän pohdintaa.

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