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Liittynyt: 30.8.2004

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I don't want to forget

Your eyes so green.
The way you looked at me with a mix of intelligence and simplicity.
How it felt to touch your fur.
Your monstrous strong purring which started just by looking at you.
How you bonked your head against mine
and lied on my stomach at night.
Your love for eating grass.
How you grew younger when playing.
The way you stayed calm when others weren't.
Your terrible fear of vacuum cleaners.
How you wanted to go outside only to come right back in.
That you never got angry no matter what happened.
How much you liked chips, shrimp and ice cream.
You never bit us besides when you were hungry.
The way you always stuffed yourself in small boxes and such, overflowing from the sides.
How I hated it when you woke me up early in the morning when you had ran out of food.
You liked to hide under blankets.
The way you appeared when you heard a bag rustle.
How you slept at the foot of our bed each night.
How you disliked Mölli at first and then adopted him,
became the best buddies and were always together.
You never voiced any pain until right at the very end.
How you loved us so much every day.
The many things we went through together only to lose you so suddenly.

I never want to forget
how much you loved us
how much we loved you
how much we needed eachothers
how close you and Mölli were
how complete everything felt with you there
how much I miss you, and always will.
how I learned to love cats when I met you.

You were and will always be my first feline love,
never to be forgotten.


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