Ain't Talkin' About... What ever

Runoilija Tikki

Liittynyt: 23.8.2003

Asuinpaikka: -

One wish... Let me stay young until the day I leave for good.

One kiss for all the goodbyes
Yet I think there's not all.
One can and will enslave me
Sooner or later
Still the leash is my comfort.

If you'd feel my mind
You'd never come near again
Hate has gone, if it ever existed
But that emptyness
It would be too much for you to handle.
That lack of feeling is you.

I thought I had something more
And I'm sure I did too
But when I refused to even think
I laid all on a weak base
You made my belief collapse.

But at least you made sure it won't happen again.

See you soon in Hell,
I'll be happy to suffer
While watching you get hurt too.

This is what it's for me to be. Just be.

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