Care to say a Word?

Runoilija Tikki

Liittynyt: 23.8.2003

Asuinpaikka: -

One wish... Let me stay young until the day I leave for good.

Does it matter a thing
If everything just falls apart?
Passive men just sitting there
Not bothering for one tiny deed
Still we keep watching them and
Take care like their mothers.

First we hasitate
Then rush into something weird
Not sacrificing a thought for
What just might happen.
Anybody home? I doubt.
I strongly doubt.

If your goal's been hurting me
You sure do deserve my congratulations.
How about a medal or do you prefer a pedal
Stomped down while I drive you over?
Oh, sorry. Just an accident, honey.
Are you fine enough to be buried now?

Of course not.
I would never have enough courage for that
Until you strech me one inch too tight.

Die in my arms, sweetheart.
I never stopped loving you,
Just had one silent numb night too many.

Tarkistetaan taas myöhemmin, jos muistetaan. S**tana noiden ääliöiden kanssa.

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