Love is hard..

Runoilija Zejden

Liittynyt: 15.11.2009

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I'll always remember that day
when you left me and went away
You just said "this doesn't feel right"
i just hoped that you'll be by myside
"I just don't know what else to do"
you continued
Tears falled to my cheeks
you didn't even watch me
"You mean you don't love me anymore?
Or do you wan't something more?"
You said that "yes, your right.
Cause i can't be by yourside"
"I tought our love is strong,
so darling, what is wrong?"
You cried and i touched you cheek
"please, don't touch me.
You are there and i'm here,
so you can't be near.
We have to find new love,
please don't cry my love"
you said and i cried,
i just wanted to be by yourside..

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