Always missing you

Runoilija EsEm

Liittynyt: 17.3.2010

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Runoni kertovat itsestäni ja ihanasta tyttöystävästäni.

It is like something is missing right now.
It must be more than tasty cacao.
Perhaps a latest Hollywood movie.
No. It is definitely more than I can see.

There is a strange feeling in my heart.
This feeling is like a new part,
a part of my body that is missing something.
But it cannot be anything.

It is neither food nor movies that my heart needs.
It could be the same feeling when birds get their seeds.
Although I’m not missing for food.
And it is definitely not a dude.

It must be the girl I met.
This girl is impossible to forget.
Every time we are together,
I feel like a winner.

But when I’m not with you,
I might need a tissue.
But those are not tears of sadness.
Those are tears of happiness.

When we are together next time.
It is a moment of primetime.
Then my heart is once again happy.
And that feels much better than getting a puppy!

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