Dinner is served

Runoilija EsEm

Liittynyt: 17.3.2010

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Runoni kertovat itsestäni ja ihanasta tyttöystävästäni.

I’ve been waiting for you since you left this morning.
I have had many hours to think how I could surprise you.
And this is not just that you could see me acting.
This is once again something I wanted to do.

The least I could do for you was this humble dinner.
It was easy to make and the ingredients were quite cheap.
And now I hope to hear your sweet laughter.
I hope you are not planning to go to sleep.

I may not be a typical man.
But neither are you a typical woman.
You make me very, very happy.
Hopefully, I didn’t leave your kitchen too messy.

Now, do you want something to eat?
Note: the food contains some meat.


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