Piña Colada

Runoilija KigaWeirdo

Liittynyt: 18.5.2007

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Yritän ymmärtää maailmaa ja ihmisiä parhaani mukaan. Joskus liiaksikin, luulisin.


I'd say today it's Piña Colada
that tattered scent of alcohol beverages she's always wearing in Sunday mornings, I mean.

She screeches as a protest like I'd imagine a tiny dinosaur would when I try to wake her up. No, she won't, her sleep is as deep as her hangover will soon be.

Blech, it's beer as well. That bitter tint of malt really doesn't suit her.
Empty bottles all over.

She looks a bit like Madonna, with her hair like that. Her behaviour is also similar to the singer,
aside from her lack of enthusiasm to anything but parties.
I find myself thinking "poor bunny", although I know what I should be thinking is "fuck this".

She has carelessly curled into a bubble of red and orange made of blankets.
I can only imagine what kind of reek lies within.

Is there a bright side to this mess?
Is there anything but soft blue to be painted on our evening sky?


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