Hospital of Myself

Runoilija Antracon

Liittynyt: 16.4.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 27.4.2022 9:18

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Minä en ole mitään ilman rakkautta

I cannot feel it
Friends passing by
I wave my hand
A gesture for goodbye

Could not build a bridge between us

I'm checking in to the hospital for ghosts
I'm aching for meaning to end this hell
So I must turn the stones to denote the truth
To love you, to forgive myself

I cannot heal it
A piteous heart
Solitude of a soul
Galore from the start

Could not build a barrier around me

Still hollowed inside the hospital for ghosts
I wish I could be here like no one else
So I must burn the letters to the last word
To forget you, to forgive myself

Ghost reveries

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