We are fantasmagoria

Runoilija Antracon

Liittynyt: 16.4.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 19.4.2024 14:39

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Minä en ole mitään ilman rakkautta
Where is the final line to cross for me?
When the view turns to a wall of carmine
Corners of woe I'm now trepassing
Is this draconian plot eventually dividing us?

Surrounded by the black light
We're waking up hollow and blind
Broken by a thousand tides
Hell or high water, it'll hurt after all

We have owned this momentous night
We have sensed the truth sublime
Are we turning tables to let things behind?
Bury the past before a downfall

All life we emoted this role for them
To give the devoted heart on a plate
We bleed out dry to feel mundane
Just to see: alas, they desire our souls

Lifeline nothing but hunger for an applause
Terrified by sedulous sounds of departure
Many different ways to roam the path
wherein the wrath of god comes to occult

I imbibed the traumas as deep as I could
Devotion bowed to the last deception
Looking for atonement but the road ends here
and it cannot bring me back to you

Callous water floods to the stage
No limelight to restrain me
No ink to fill the empty page
Shattered light behind the iron door

I rhymed too much I reasoned enough
Unthinkable act of words below my tongue
Condemned to speak the language of shades
We play fantasmagoria around this light forever

A following shadow works as a thespian heart
The play must be sinister from the start
Now we are walking under the obsidian heaven
and what is forgiven, is parting us
Fantasmagoriac points of view.


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