Circle of Joyce (Three years colder)

Runoilija Antracon

Liittynyt: 16.4.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 19.4.2024 14:39

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Minä en ole mitään ilman rakkautta

How does it feel?
To be remembered
The black november
never forget me

A long line of scars
upon my weary skin
Resembles me of sins
I wear in my heart

Years of loneliness
Just blink of an eye
This life's a lie
No more or less

Losing the contact
I hope to know someone
Friends dead and done
No coming back

Dismantle the pain
I can no longer feel
Nourish the tree
To hang myself again

Not so pure sorrow
No perfect skyline
Can I losing time
if there's no tomorrow?

Shady apartment
poison my lungs
Vicious are tongues
Full of resentment

Breaking up with man
Breathing isolation
No more violation
lends a helping hand

End starts now
Kiss the face of death
One vague breath
I'm falling down

This is sempiternal
to make another chain
Mother of pain
with all infernal

I'm young yet older
My corpse on the floor
No one to yearn for
Oh I'm three years colder

Telly is on and on
Salvation mummified
Eternally I will hide
from the world I'm gone

To be forgotten forever
My name in vain
It's all the same
if we cannot be together

Useless goodbyes
Scent turned to smell
No fairytale to tell
Death in my eyes

All of this is rife
Love just a decoy
to lure into a cycle of joy
Parting me from life

Kunnianosoitus Joyce Vincentille. Ihminen, joka löydettiin vasta kolme vuotta kuolemansa jälkeen. Ei unohdeta toisiamme. Meidät on tehty muistamaan.

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