Story We Were

Runoilija Antracon

Liittynyt: 16.4.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 26.11.2023 8:29

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Minä en ole mitään ilman rakkautta
I found you from this place
A place once called haven
Past days a blur on your face
Present holds hard in you

Unlived moment left unsaid
From happiness to dead silent
Are your lips still glowing in red?
A kiss of vague temptation

You never came across in my hour of need
Watching by the black waters underneath
Still it comes in waves through me:
Disclosure for everything we had

Should I breathe bitterness now?
When silent language desires for words
Auras faded around us somehow
Illusion paints canvas white

To find spaces more lighter
I surrender to the liquid oblivion
End appearing much mighter
Now I'm caught by the lucid bars

Stranger in the strange land of yours
Pining for something intimate and familiar
Oh winds of south, change my course
Enclose this long lost story we were in 

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