Elements of Guilt

Runoilija Antracon

Liittynyt: 16.4.2004
Viimeksi paikalla: 5.11.2018 14:20

Asuinpaikka: -

Minä en ole mitään ilman rakkautta

I'm breaking the waves
to find a way of life under water
I must hold this repetition
An overshadowed guilt of mine

I'm drowning into a watery grave
I could save myself but why bother?
In defeated heart a lifetime humiliation
Silence the bell of its toll and chime

Come the seas wash me clean

Is it better to go with the wind
or stay inside the storm?
Shame smells like rotten air
So many regrets blowing behind

This shape I'm living in
Nothing but ripped and torn
and my breath gets heavier
everytime I lied and died

Floating around like leaf in a dream

Everyone loves my worthless life
but I don't get any satisfaction
This fire burns a hole in me
and these sins weigh like stone

Forever will rage on this strife
I bear the cross of damnation
to believe all the deceivers I see
This is my guilt and mine alone

Flame of shame will never break me free

In deep dark, where do we go?
Tarnish me, begrime me dirt!
Feed grief in my time of need
Lifeless soil swallows my soul

My vague virtue to passion you so
Your tears fall down the earth
to show me how life would be
before our love grows cold

Elements of guilt built on repentance in me

"How could I break this steady cycle to rise instead into light again?"

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