You don´t know

Runoilija VampireQueen

Liittynyt: 12.6.2007

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The queen of the vampires.. Lady overkill. All I want is sweet hot and twisted hell on earth. ;) <3

Once you hurt me, like I hurt you.
I lost my trust and faith for love.
You don´t know that how many times I tried to believe again
I was only failed.
I was just cheated.
No one earned me.

You don´t know, my faith is broken.
You don´t know, my heart is broken.
You don´t know, my trust is broken.
You don´t know, my love is broken.

This time too its hard to believe, can love be true for me?
Speak out the truth, do you really love me?
You asked me, do I fear.
Well do I have a reason to fear?

This all you do know.
I love you, as I have always done.
All I want is you.
You can trust me, I am here for you.
I would never deceive you.
I will do everything for you.
All I want is your happiness.
For you I stand up and fight!
I believe in you.

Tuli vaan keskellä yötä joku tällänen päähän.. Yöllä sitä aattelee välil kaikkee ei niin selkeetä.. Sry vaan.

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