Precious memory

Runoilija sol

Liittynyt: 31.12.2008

Asuinpaikka: -

"esas cosas más pequeñas te hacen feliz"

This shirt smells exactly like you
It makes me see your smile at mornings in my eyes
Or the way how you sleep at nights
It makes me feel that I'm holding you tight
We are lying on the same old bed
Like we used to each night
It makes me to touch your skin
In the safe place where I had you by my side
I'm living through the memories
I'm living through the happiest time of my life
There are you, laughing to my face
Teasing my toes and listening the rain
You and me in the same old room
This shirt has the same smell
Remembering all the times I took it off from you
Your hand was in mine
No one knows how I regret the day we let it die
How I miss our kisses after fights
How I miss your voice, I never wanted to hear your goodbye
How I miss each little thing you do
How I miss us and what we have been through
How I miss You
I'm living through this
This precious memory gets me through



Aaah very beautiful. I like how you go through different moments together. C'est belle.


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