Doing time

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Liittynyt: 26.6.2008

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Paljahat jalat tukevasti isoon kirkoon asvaltilla,
syrän syvällä esi-isäin maisemissa.

You know, or you should know, that I only ever wanted to be allowed to be in a position where I could do things to make you happy.

Over the lunch we had yesterday, I suspect that whatever we discussed the last time, and where you said it led you and your career, may have been the first ever time that I have tangibly succeeded in doing so.

In a way I did not expect, but then again: in a way that does not infringe on your personal life in any way whatsoever, in a way that did not constitute anything like demands or expectations from me to you.

Not that you haven't always been so vivid,
but yesterday, you were positively in bloom.

You can't possibly begin to guess how happy it makes me to see you like that (and to accept your word for it that I might have played a part in things happening that way :)

Keep up the good work, dear :)

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