Please, forgive me

Runoilija Sanherib

Liittynyt: 6.8.2013
Viimeksi paikalla: 30.11.2019 21:29

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Todellinen oppiminen alkaa,
kun kilpailun henki väistyy.
J. Khrishnamurti
If there were some secrets to keep.
If there were a child who sleeps.
I would ask God to say,
why is my name

If there were sense in all this.
I would know what I have missed.
Would we kiss? Would we tolerate miss
America or her kind.
Children run wild.
Children run wild.

I can say, little I know.
But you think: I am a show.
Ment to watch as watching the cows,
in India or in other parts of this globe.

Men know all, we face the fact.
But we keep holding all intact.
The people shout: stay in the pact.
And nothing at all, is that you lack.

I make it difficult, I make it easy.
But I mean to think juicy.
Make a meaning out of this treaty
I've made with the beauty.

I say words, making no sense.
But face: I am in tense.
All I need, is some essence,
of Radio-time, to meet the expence.

All you need, is someone to say:
"Please, forgive me."
You will be Ok.
You will be Ok.

Sometimes I feel, she is right in front of me.
The one who sees, what I should be.
One, that reminds me in drinking tea.
With her, I am me. She and He.

Even if I try, to say it all.
I fall short.
In trying to stand tall.
Please, consider the effort.
Talking to you.

I know you think: "She's got it all right."
She needs not to filght.
But you are right.

Please, forgive me.

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