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Liittynyt: 26.9.2006

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Softness is the way of life, hardness is the way of death.

He was a benevolent man,
The keeper of the cemetery
Who had to live his life
Through mockery.

They called him Rat
Because of his face,
Despised him and loathed him
Because of his face,
They did all that
And sunk him in disgrace.

“Rats and beggars,
Filthy gravediggers you disgust me!”
Yelled men in disguises
Who could not see
Their own rottenness, wickedness and no goodness
That they had installed in themselves.

Despite the mockery,
He never raised a finger.
Although, he had killed
A hundred men, women and children.

For once there was a war
That torn his face into pieces,
It’s memories heavy to store,
It’s a nightmare that never ceases.

Rat dug their graves,
Everyday he polished
The cemetery gates,
He carved their tombstones
And in the name of church
He sang a chorus after a verse.

He prayed for their souls
And mourned for days,
The men he never knew
He put into their graves
Like his own children.

And they called him Rat
Because of his face,
Despised him and loathed him
Because of his face.
They did all that
In the name of human race.

But there was one
Who knew his past,
Queen of hearts
Whose love was vast.

And all that love
Was only for him,
Beset by good
That never dims.

The men who loathed him
Admired her,
Desired her,
Until it occurred

That she would rather die
And let Rat take her under,
Before she would surrender
Her love to men
Who try to plunder
The dignity of others.

So they called her names
Too crooked, too cruel,
The bride of Rat
Has a diseased jewel,
The gravediggers ring
That marks their marriage
Is just something more to disparage.

“Burn that witch and drown the rat!”
The enraged men began to chant.
“Their love is of evil I know that
No more can we be ignorant!”

But her love was vast indeed:
“You can take my life but let me plead,
To the man you have loathed
I have plighted my troth,
I have promised not to reveal his words
But if Death is involved,
Then they must be heard!”.

“The man you despise,
I praise more than god,
He must walk in disguise
To maintain his facade.
But under his skin
Lies a great pain,
You have no idea
Where he has been”

“Through Hell and hatred,
Though wars and fears,
He has roamed without tears
Through many years of blood and gore
He has suffered and endured.”

“None of you could bear his sins,
He has bore to protect your kin,
None of you could match his killing
So swift is his hand
It makes it seem thrilling.”

“Now you have heard his tale ,
Yet you do not call him by his name
Only with his help
Was great darkness slain!”

None of her words were heard,
Only flames and fire were conjured.
The men in disguise who could not see,
Burned alive the poor queen.

Still a sound of sobbing can be heard
In the graveyard where Rat moans his words:
“Hundred lives I shall take
And hundred more I shall unmake.
Before day breaks
They shall remember my name,
Before night falls they’re all Death’s slaves”.

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