I love you no more.

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Liittynyt: 12.8.2006

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se mikä ei tapa se vahvistaa. Ei kannata toivoo hukata, koska se voi sut lopulta pelastaa.

I shouldn't take it so seriously back then.
But I couldn't help to fall in love.
Even I was only a toy for him.
I didn't care I let him in.

That wasn't so smart of me,
got my heart broken and cracks all over me.

It took a long time to see
that your not the one for me.
I wasted my tears and hopes for you.
Just for you.
And I waited and waited for you to come back.
The day came and I noticed: I don't need you no more.
I got someone who loves me for sure.

And now you regret you ever let me go.
Its too litle too late, so I close the door.

I'm happy to finally see.
I got everything I need.



Onpas kaunis ja samalla hyvin surullinen ja melankolinen runo =/


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