You were taken by the sun

Runoilija Grimnir

Liittynyt: 30.5.2010

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turn my face to north
Cold winds begin to scream
Sun’s warmth can’t animate me anymore
It’s light can’t make me see the colors anymore
Pazuzu walks the earth
In his footsteps follows plague
As the cold begins to reach the marrow of my bones
And my soul
I know: winter has arrived
And is here to stay

I wandered to the shore
To the sky and to the ocean
I screamed your name
But the spirits stood quiet
And I didn’t see you in the horizon
As darkness took over the world
I fathomed it all
You were taken by the sun
You descended into the ocean
Where the spirits embraced you

The ocean freezes in front of me
The cold winds mutilate everyhting
Leadclouds devour the sun
I’m on my knees
Waiting for you
To claim me as your own
To take me with you into the ocean
Until that day
I am frozen and waiting
And the sun won’t caress my face


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