Little song

Runoilija ZaZu

Liittynyt: 6.2.2007

Asuinpaikka: -

Tällainen musikaalinen pohjalaistyttö joka on innostunut kirjoittamaan!:)

You made me like a perfect cake
with cream and strawberries
You gave me the most
the most beautiful smile with Your light
You’re my father with big F
and the biggest hug in the world

And I’m Your child
perfect just like I am
I sit in Your fathom
like a prince
or like a princess
’cause I really am
’cause I belong to Your Kingdom
where the birthday is every day

You love me so much
like the girl loves her teddy bear
You show me Your power in the storm
and Your mercy in plane of the quiet sea
You’re my reason to be here
singing of the joy and telling about the happy endings

I cry ’cause of the happiness
I laugh for the humor of Your deed You do
and I fall into your never-ending love



I like this poem,very good.

I like this poem,very good.


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