Embrace me in Darkness

Runoilija Dressed In Grief

Liittynyt: 28.5.2006

Asuinpaikka: -

Life is fleeting, like a fleas lifespan. We live, we die.

In Darkness i await....
In Death i lurk...
In Pain i live...
In Fear i Trust...
YOU i Lust
Satan i Trust
For i must....
The Shackles of Dreams i break
in Fear and wonder i Dream
of everlasting Lust
i am such a force
none has ever seen,
i watch the sky
with everlasting hope of Dreams and riches
i fall to the stream of love and hatred
i taste the love you gave me....
i hunger the lust you once had for me...
i Cry for the lost hours of our Dreams...
i mourn for the nigh we had together
i bleed for the love of you forever.....


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