Spirit in life

Runoilija Emmelie89

Liittynyt: 27.1.2006

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..Im a sad little girl, hiding from myself, escaping from my feelings.. its all hurting me, it makes me hurt myself, everyday, without feeling anything.. Im not okay. Im just trying to.. show my feelings in my poems. :'(

There's a cold wind, which flowes in the air, with such a desire... with such a passion.

Standing next to the sea, upon a great grey rock, having the desired wind touching my hair, touching my face, with ice cold hands.. a such soft touch.

Feel how you'r there, but at the same time, you'r not, dancing in the wind, feeling the ocean blue spirit, touching your heart, touching your soul.

It's slowly, so slowly, tearing my beating heart apart, pullowing me in it..

I can see it, red thick passioned colour, floating around, dancing in the waves, oh so much faces..

Still so, it feels like the soft touch of the wind, it feels like.. my mother

Missing the love, missing the freedom in the wind, wanting to dive into deep waters, searching for me.. searching for my spirit.

My spirit is lost.


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