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Liittynyt: 1.5.2005

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Tutustu! "

Ey, I've heard that things are pretty F'd up in China//

I suppose, that with the they ain't going any finer

Being a coal miner, earnin 1 buck on an hour

Isn't fair, I understand why they become sour

to the system, killin, bloodspilling, shooting each other

If someone acts suspiciously you really should bother to ask

what's the matter, but step back fast, they might got a gun
and they're going to try to squeeze the trigger finger that shakes
so much that it may break instantly..


drugs takin' over people, it's sad but it's the truth

It's bad when they think they arent equal and starts to shoot or

beat you up in a phone booth, blood dripping from the walls
coming to strangle until you fall, there's nothing sacred


The courtsystems all around the world are corrupted

dirty polices, dirty lawyers, giving you fake fliers that say

"everything is fine",

OPEN YOUR EYELIDS, everything is fuck'd up,
kids getting beat up by their parents, parents raping their own kids, trying to cover their filthy hands from justice,
but there is atleast street justice to judge this hideousness,
but nothing to do when people are videoing this and sharing it, that's it, we'll track you down,

come to your house and beat the shit out of you,

Welcome to my house, furniture is a few dead corpses on cryogenic chambers, chopping them to pieces one by one,

throwing them to thrascan, no one can suspect anything,
I got many things more, but I know you don't want to hear about them.

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