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Just a raindrop, going down the window of life

Come Meet Me Halfway

They say some people touch us in a way that no other can,
that they are somehow fine-tuned to our wavelenght and
that they live on the same street, the same theater and the same play,
and that the best things in life happen when we touch them the same way.

When we met that's exactly what I felt with you,
and I'd like to believe that I touched you too.
That I was not one to graze your skin and leave only a scar,
but rather one to caress your night sky and ignite a new star.

That one week we shared 
driving, planning, 
walking, talking,
swimming, laughing, 
eating, sleeping 
caressing and loving,

all the breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee stops, 
good ones, bad puns, laughs, looks, kisses and hugs

all the moments we shared, the low lows and the high highs
those are the things that made the last summer the best in my life

After that week I could not control my emotions,
I found myself in the deep end.
What's done is done, as you like to say
but I'm glad I did not pretend

to not have those feelings, instead I revealed them.
No regrets, I'm just sad that things went wrong for us then.

I think of you now, and I see a friend I have lost connection with.
A friend I wanted to get to know better, and whom with 
I wished to share witty banter and laughter and joy and fun,
whom with I could've stolen a few more days in the sun.

There are no delusions left because things are not like they were before.
So I'd like to be your friend now. 
(unless of course the day comes when you wish me to be more.)

- - -

There is, however, one thing I need you to know.
I can never get over you if getting over you means not loving you.
I choose not to.

I choose to love You as a woman and a friend, with all my heart, always.

Come meet me halfway, and we can still find our way
we can still be as light as the summer air on our skin
as warm as the sunlight on our faces

and as happy 
as the smiles on our lips


Simply lovely. :)
Syvä kumarrus
Beautiful. Simple words of love.

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