Judas' Kiss

Runoilija Shierr in Flame

Liittynyt: 13.5.2008
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Fear the Dark until you learn to Love it.

Death is only a heartbeat away,
but Love can be achieved only in a lifetime.

Maisemamaalauskurssilla opettaja kertoi tämän: Joka taiteen kanssa naimisiin menee, saa arvostelun anopikseen. Minusta tuo oli aika hyvä.

Katsokaa vanhoja runojani, ne ovat parempia kuin uudet. Useimmiten...

It is a cloudless, starry night. I had asked you to come and meet me. I was not sure you would actually come. But here you are, a shadow against the full moon. I reach my hand out to you, pull you closer. Despite it being a summer night, it was cold, almost freezing. You glance up at me, uncertain; the stars are dancing in your eyes. You try to speak, but I stop you with my hand; no words are necessary tonight.

The full moon lights your hair, it seems almost red. I touch it, gently. I am surprised at how soft it is, it has always seemed rough. But perhaps it is just my hands, rough from all the dirty work. Against them your hair is pure silk. Pure, red moonlight.

You close your eyes and let out a sigh. It sounds heavy, like the task put upon you. I smile a sad smile, soon your worries will be carried away.

I close the distance between us. You open your eyes, surprised, but before you can utter a word, I seal your lips with my own. You make a surprised sound and try to pull away, but I keep you tightly in my arms. And slowly, your resistance melts away, you relax.

Your lips feel so soft against my own. They taste of cherries and wine. I wonder, were you having a feast before I called you to me? Why did you come? But these thoughts are pushed back when you press your body against mine. It is so warm, so soft, so young. I open my eyes (when had I closed them?) so I can look at your pale face and the moon dancing in your hair.

I taste your lips with my tongue one last time (strawberries) and slowly pull away. You open your emeral eyes, sparkling with hope, liveliness and stars. I stroke your hair lovingly wishing it would absorb the light of the moon in it forever. I don't want to ever let go, but I release my arms from your warm body. You look disappointed and you open your mouth to speak.

A green light, as green as your eyes, flashes from behind you and you fall into my hands. I watch the life fade from your eyes and my heart starts to fill with coldness. All that is left of you is that tiny hope and stars sparkling on emerald green eyes. Nothing will ever make them fade away.

I had sealed your fate with that kiss (like I had sealed your lips). As I lay you gently on the ground clouds start to fill the sky, hiding the light of the moon. Now we are left in the cold and the dark, alone. Your hair does not shine anymore, there are no stars in your eyes. I touch my lips to your forehead and stand up. With one last look upon your pale face I turn around and start walking away.

It was a fated kiss.

A Judas' Kiss.



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