The Cat on the bridge

Runoilija Mortianna

Liittynyt: 25.10.2007

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Pidän perinteisistä runoista, mutta olen alkanut kirjoittaa myös modernimpia runoja ja lyriikoita.

I'll tell you a story which is true
as true as me, and as true as you.
When I was younger I used to explorel
Listen now carefully if you if you want to know more.

There is a land faraway from here
where everything is odd and somthings are weird.
I was crossing a river, truly wide
And worst of all - it was almost tide!

On the bridge there was a big red cat,
as big as a house - I'm sure of that!
The water below was deep dark blue
when the cat simply said he won't let me through.

I implayed to the cat: "What if I go quickly?"
The cat closed his eyes and aswered to me firmly:
"The desicion is final, the bridge is mine."
"How could I've known, there was no sign!"

The Cat wondered: "Mm, very well,
the bridge is mine, and the rules t tell:
You'll choose a word, I give you two times
and I'll make up all the rhymes."

I started to wonder, I started to think
I didn't even know what rhymes with 'ink'.
"OK, tell me: What rhymes with 'cat'?"
"Oh, that's easy: 'rat', 'bat', 'hat'!"

"No one will pass as long as I stand.
You find another way to the neighbourland.
Because I'm the guardian and the poet king
I know what rhymes with every single thing!"

"Oh just give up, just give in,"
said the Cat with an arragant grinn.
"I'm sure you know that you can't win,
'cause I am poetry all within!"

My hunger was growing, I thougt of food,
my mothers casserole, that's terrible good.
I wondered the last word, the final one,
suddenly I got it, now it was done!

I spoke to the Cat, knew victory was mine.
"The last word is 'fridge', tell me the rhyme".
Cat opened his mouth, but couldn't say a word,
sat there in silence, like a silly little bird.

"I guess I won - after all",
I said to the Cat now silent as a wall.
What was he wondering, I'll never know,
but he had no choise but to let me go.

And even today the Cat on the bridge
woders what ever makes rhymes with 'fridge'.


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