Foregone Autumns

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Liittynyt: 24.9.2012

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Before the winter had laid its first snow
I dreamt of you in the moon's waning glow
With stars as my witness I vowed our love
To hold us entwined till death do us part

The shades of green were they greener before
Deeper the sky and the tides on the shore?
For into dark waters leaves fall of youth
No man can escape the life's bitter truth

What does this song sigh if not my farewell
The piano plays what I could not tell
My wish for the heaven: time hold us dear
For somewhere again I might hold you near

So sad and solemn and weeping are strings
The ones that mourn with memories as wings
And the autumns foregone, days golden hued
I savekeep within with all dreams subdued

The shades of green they were greener before
The cries of the gulls I can hear no more
And winged by the northwind that moves slowly by
Instead of your name I hear my own cry

This song be the sword that compels to yield
The reaper of time on thy beauty's field
For unearthly loss would such harvest be
If skies would mourn in memory of thee

And now when winter has laid its first snow
Alone I am on a silent meadow
My fate leads me where no footprint is laid
Where I will for you forever await



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