This poison will make us stay together

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Liittynyt: 26.8.2008

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Try to cure me with your dark music, you're going to fall anyways. We have lived too long, too long that we could keep on going without a reason. YOU'RE NOT REAL, did I hear that right? Don't fool yourself, you're trembling. I hope that you would see how things have turned out. I took my heart to the freezer, this'll be the last time when you hit me. Here's some coffee for you, what do you mean that you don't trust me? I'm not going to poison you or anything. I love you. Just drink your coffee, I made it just for you.

No we're not happy,
yes, we're different from the others.
There's no light in our lives
we are the only dark spot on the world.
We are those who made this world such a bad place.

Now that you've drank your coffee, I can say that I added some extra pills and a little bit botulinum toxin in your coffee. Don't worry darling, soon you'll go to sleep. You'll be sleeping so deep that you won't even notice when your body is burning in 400 degrees. It's such a shame to burn a body that beautiful to ashes. Now close your eyes, you can rest now. It's time. I watch as your muscles start to paralyze and you gasp for air. Your eyes sprawl at the same time when your heart stops and you stop breathing. I wipe off the tears from my eyes so I won't regret this. This is not over, soon you'll be my burning doll.

No, we're not happy,
yes, this is the end.
The only light I see is the fire
that's dancing on your skin
It's the only light spot, only light spot.
I am the one who made this world
such a bad place to live.


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