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Liittynyt: 5.6.2006

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Kun meno menee kovaksi, kovat panee menoksi.

World is sometimes good and sometimes bad
but when you see the bright shores, light and beyond
you can see much more and understand than anyone can...
You may ask what mean.

I won't answer because it's everyone's to decide.
Live under the mask your life and you forget what you really are.
Living without mask is painful but...

There is this light, something that cheers, something
that cannot be explained in words but it can be found
almost everywhere. In cooking, music, hobbies, friends...

What is this light? Love? I may believe in coincidences but
I won't accept what I see today.
Violence without reasons, violence without mercy and without sence.
Where is the peace, the light, the sanctuary?!

My only hope is that you live your life
even though it feels horrible sometimes.
Fear, mental pain, physical illness...
I believe that everyone has a light in their soul.
Even though it's size of a candle or brighter one.

Still we all have in it.


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