Lessons from Life

Runoilija pinkDino

Liittynyt: 5.6.2006

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Kun meno menee kovaksi, kovat panee menoksi.

Live to fight another day
if you fight to live another day it's the wrong way.
Survival is essential in this world
bad things can be heard.
Always have strenght to get up
drink coffee or tea but only a cup.

There is no place for bastards or traitors
they receive their punishment from decapitators.
Decapitators with wings and a steel blade
eternal punishment from Hell will not fade.

Do things so you can learn
by doing so peace you can earn.
Don't judge before you see
or you'll get stung by bee.

Don't forget your the most close ones and the dearest
because they support you even if you sit in a raptor's nest.
Help those who hide themselves into shadows
be the one who gets bows.

People who break rules are considered trash
but those who don't give a damn about their friends
they will experience bash.
Some people are crushed down by society
be the one who embraces their variety.

Do what's right
live to fight.

Ajatuksia, suuria semmoisia.


Ihan pakko sanoa.

Suosikkeihin meni.

Ihan pakko sanoa.

Suosikkeihin meni.


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