Sweetest embrace

Runoilija Sylviatar

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19.03.2006 alkaen eri nimimerkillä olen täällä runoillut, pitkän tauon jälkeen tuntuu kuin palaisin kotiin.

If there was a sea

calm like the surface of a mirror

reflecting the picture of the moon

behind the fragile courtain of clouds

and silvery stars on silky blue

If I was a mermaid

who came to see that nightly sight

resting my tail on the smooth white sand

on the silent shore

wondering what is the strange feeling

inside my chest

what would be found

behind the deepest blue of space

Then just slowly sliding

under the water

wetting green long hair

letting nourishing water

gently embrace my skin

eyes wide open

diving deeper and deeper

to the kingdom of silence

to secret gardens of ships

that went down

hundreds of years ago

Lying myself on the bed of sea roses

peacefull waves lulling me

into the rythm of the deepest seas

easing my heart, pampering my soul

still my eyes wide open

their bright green surface

reflecting the sight:

The picture of the moon

behind the fragile clouds

and stars of silver

on the blue silk of sky


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