Runoilija SilentSorrow

Liittynyt: 24.12.2005

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As long as you do as you think is right, you can't go too wrong.

Let me come to your room
let me take you away
let us start this new beginning

I can almost feel your heartbeat,
but I guess it's my own.

Hold me in your arms
let me give this kiss to you
let me be here beside you

I can almost feel your warm body,
but I can't reach you no matter how I try.

Let us lie here
here on this bed which was so cold yesterday
we don't have to put the alarm for tomorrow

I can almost feel your breath on my neck,
but I guess it's just the wind from the window I left open for you.

I can almost see you
I can almost feel you
I can almost hear you
in my dreams.
I can't get you out of my head.
Silly, isn't it?

et semmost.

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