Not over you

Runoilija Fullmoon

Liittynyt: 25.5.2005

Asuinpaikka: -


I'm happy you came into my life
even though I know I shouldn't
You just tore away my heart
and left behind too many scars
And still I just can't hate you - why?
'Cause after all I still love you - I do.

Did you ever imagine anything like this could even happen?
Did you ever realize how attractive you really are?
'Cause that's the only thing I can think of
before I enter the bar and take a drink.

You have no idea of how it hurts,
rips the heart out of my chest and burns
to see you dance with another girl
whose hair is beautifully curled.

I quietly take off and try to hold back the tears inside
Won't let it show, oh no, wipe it all aside
Now that I'm outside and out of sight
my feelings overcome me with all their might
Can't pretend anymore, there's no point
If only it wasn't this hard
is what I think when I embrace the dark.

Miksi sen täytyy olla niin vaikeaa?


Otan osaa,
aina toinen ei voi ymmärtää miten toista satuttaa,
ehkä joskus löydät rakkaudellesi paremman kohteen.


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