Dark room

Runoilija Shiroi

Liittynyt: 1.3.2004

Asuinpaikka: -

Cry inside when you feel like it, but just keep on smiling.. They might think you're insane, but atleast they don't know you're afraid...

I thought I had shaken it off,
yet again it's starting to get a hold of me.
The feeling of not wanting to be here.
I don't want to hurt myself,
but I just don't want to be inside my head.
I don't want to be with myself.
It feels as if every thought that crosses my mind is unpleasant.
Like my mind twists even the most pleasant thing into something awful.

The feeling comes and goes,
I just need to hold on to the good things when the feeling isn't here.
I'm going to fight this.
I have overcome this feeling once,
I can do it again
with the help of my true friends.
The light is already peeking under the door.

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