The light of my life

Runoilija Shiroi

Liittynyt: 1.3.2004

Asuinpaikka: -

Cry inside when you feel like it, but just keep on smiling.. They might think you're insane, but atleast they don't know you're afraid...

With you I'm lying in a room full of light.
You hold me in your arms safely
and the shadows don't frighten me.
With every touch you chase away my demons,
with every kiss you put me in a state of bliss..

I never wanted it to end, I wanted to be in your arms forever..
..but too soon you've left me.

And alone
I'm sitting in a room with no windows.
Darkness crawling in my feet.
Fear is taking over my mind
and without your protective arms I'm trembling.
With the longing for your comfort
I cry here every night..
but without you I cannot sleep.

Please draw me back to the light..

I didn't mean to fall in love... T_T

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