Runoilija Shiroi

Liittynyt: 1.3.2004

Asuinpaikka: -

Cry inside when you feel like it, but just keep on smiling.. They might think you're insane, but atleast they don't know you're afraid...

You hold me tightly in your arms,
but then you leave again.
I'm so cold I'm shivering,
alone in my bed..

I can take being without you,
I can take you hating me..
But when your actions are so hard to read
and I can't tell if you really want me or not,
I'm dying inside..

I may be smiling,
but little by little I'm falling apart.
Soon I'll be nothing but a dead shell
holding all the shattered pieces inside..

Why can't you either hold me
or just leave me for good?
Why can't you either keep me
or throw me away?

Love me or hate me, please make a decision.
Just stop hurting me..

Kyllä ihmiset voi olla vaikeita.. :'(

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