For the Long Lost Music

Runoilija Hetha

Liittynyt: 27.9.2007

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Sielussani asuu taiteilija, vaikka sitä ei ihan heti uskoisikaan...
”That day all the music left my heart”

That day my mind was empty
And my soul cried silent tears
I believed the voice I loved
Had left from me for good

Please tell me why
I got obsessed by you
Why did it have to be you
Who betrayed me that day
Why just then
When you were my world?

Take away all my happiness
Freeze my soul and kill me inside
Never let me wake up
From this eves-lasting nightmare
        I am now drowning to the deepest waters
Kill me! Kill me!

“Now the feelings from long ago are returning
As I realize that what is lost can never be brought back”

Yes, you had your reasons
Yet it was your “open letter”
That made me deaf
Now this is my letter for you

Still please don’t misunderstand
For now I can hear again
Both your music and her singing
Though from the different sides of this deep abyss 
That will always divide my soul

The sadness of the loss
Has left this empty hole in my heart
When will I be happy again?
(The day which made our souls die was 21.10.2005) Helposti voi arvata, mitä tapahtumaa lyriikka käsittelee. Kahden vuoden jälkeen sitä luulee päässeensä asiasta yli, mutta nyt voi huomata olevansa väärässä...

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