This reality

Runoilija Kirottu

Liittynyt: 19.6.2003
Viimeksi paikalla: 8.10.2023 14:51

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Hymy hymystä, kohteliaisuus kohteliaisuudesta ja kaunis sana kauniista sanasta. Joskus pitää vain itse sysätä alkuun hyvä päivä.

World is burning in chaos

why did we do this

Everything we believe is fading away

stupidity is rising too fast

How did we do this

when the world isn't anymore the same

losing your soul to the darkness

death lurking in every corner

World burns in chaos

and what did we do

there's no turning back anymore

step up and face to truth

World must change

everyone must be equal

and there should be peace and love

instead of misery and war

Put water in flames

and you get smoke

Everything's gonna be alright

I just wrote this. It contains ongoing situations and things that are changing this world, but it's just slow process. This is how I see things and I really care about equal rights, no matter where you are from. I really wish that we can change things better. Peace and love!

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