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Liittynyt: 28.1.2011

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ei se mitään. Jokainen päivä on erilainen.

I`m gonna tear up my closet inside out
lots of glitter and glamour
there`s no doupt
everything I ever wanted gets tossed a way
can`t tolerate the past It`s blocking my way

"you`re getting hysterical" my friends say
they just don`t know me as I go insane
not finding what I want is causing me pain
everyone around me thinks "she`s just vain"

when I`m stairing at the mirror
surroundings get blurry
hard to settle down when my mind starts to hurry
it wants me to run away so I don`t feel sorry
for myself because my friends are about to get worried

my hoes`s full of glitter and dress will impress
hair`s bigger than big mac meal and
my makeup seals the deal
looking very slutty
because I`m about to party
and I should be very worried
cause tonight I`m a skank

I´m going down town
just looking for a big pound
there`s no time to turn around
I`m not safe and sound
Everyone trying to stop me gets to see my back
as I run away or give them a little slap

find the right man
that will understand
what I seek from a club
keeping his mouth shut
take him to my room
make his cheeks bloom
and tomorrow I throw him away

can`t even controll myself
I wish time to time I was someone else
I`m like rocket in a sky moving fast
but what goes up comes right down
and my rocket will crash
moments like that nothing can make me stop
some beautiful day I think I`m gonna pop...

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