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Runoilija Smööth

Liittynyt: 31.10.2010

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You spoke to me
You looked at me
You laughed with me
En with you i could cry with out being a shamed.

Now you make me cry but now i am a shamed.
You where the lightpoint en the heatness i missed.
Now i miss it again.

You think your not good enough for me.
But i think you are good enough for me.
I wish i was good enough for you.
We dont only share good humor, good taste en a big hearth.
We also share my best memories.

Even while your not my first girlfriend,
It felt like it.
Even while your not my first kiss,
It felt like it.

I would give myself for you,
But you dont want me to.
I would like to comfort you,
But you dont want me to.

You say “forget it”
But its the only thing i think about.
If you have to cry than i cry to.
If i make you cry than i hate myself.
If i see you smile than i feel like i can handle everything.
If i see you doing okey than im the happiest person
When i talk with you im open.

When i have to cry you cry to.
When you make me cry you feel sad.
When you see me laughing you get this cute smile.
When you see me happy your happy to.
En when i talk with you you listen to me.

I wish i could be the relation you want to have.
Now your a girlfriend i never had bevore.
Rather we do or do not have a relation.
I cry, laugh en talk with you like i never did bevore with somebody.

Thanks for the memories!

the english version.


I like this poem; the language is simple, but not too simple. Rather the speaker of the poem seems to be sure of the things that are "said". Nice!


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