Uprising Sun.

Runoilija Laard

Liittynyt: 19.4.2010

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At first it was only me and my way, of living in this world day by day. There isn't much for me to explain, that my life is dark and full of pain. I was ready to fall and give it up, but then you came and hit me with a stop, sing from the warehouse of the lost feelings, suddenly my inspiration raised to the ceiling, my soul was just gone thru pure healing.

I didnt know that you could help me out, but after few weeks i had no doubt. There was a reason for us to become friends, and argue how our different mind bends. It just makes us stronger to understand, that we are a band, making music about lost land of old brand, called learning to find a helping hand.

We had so fun like nothing else before, we found our helping hands and wanted more and more, soon came the point where we got to choose a door, we walked right in and all became so sore.

But whats behind that door, is scaring and silent, so i wont go there, to keep my words unviolent.

Lot of things has passed and left behind, quite a few times i thought i was blind, blaming myself and wishing for rewind, it has been so hard to try and find. But i did it and now its all clear, i'm here to help cause i know that you fear, these words are made for keeping you near, cause if you lose control, i can help you steer.

Peoples see your stars, thinking you are selfish, but they dont know your scars, you search a way to end this, but your invisible bars, are strong and bendless.

In a jail of emotions, you crawl and cry, there is no potions, to get you high. Back to the sky, where you had fun, i know why, cause you are the sun.

I hope you find your soul, and be stronger, cause i'm too tired to write any longer :)


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