Runoilija Tamonthar

Liittynyt: 27.10.2012
Viimeksi paikalla: 29.7.2021 13:08

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27-vuotias pojankloppi Valkeakoskelta, joka kirjoittelee millon mitäkin - runoja, tarinoita, mitäpä ei -

I feel no sorrow, no pain or suffering, I'm all numb inside.
All that's left is a bottomless void, too deep to fill.

All I ever do is fall and fall, I want to get off of this slide.
There's nothing else, but my great desire to kill.

I have no fear, no limitations, I'm out of control.
I am so eager to satisfy my needs, give in to the Dark One.

When did I become like this, what's the meaning of it all.
I keep wondering, can I ever again see the sun.

I feel nothing as I carve my mark into another meaningless soul.
I show no marks of remorse, there's not a single tear.

I am the Chosen One, doomed to never again be whole.
The night is endless, this surely isn't my final frontier.

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