A word in vain

Runoilija Christabel

Liittynyt: 6.3.2007

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I feel, like all my past life, has only lead me towards you. I see in you something, something so different to
any other.
And what I feel in you, I would not even try to describe, for words can never attain such purity,
in fact, they should not even try. Still, here I am, humbly, on my knees, puoring the dearest of liquid
into a bottomless chalise.
For I shall never hold you, never gaze through you eyes, and speak the words so cherished, that even
the strongest cliff would only tremble and fall by their strength.
All rivers on earth would run dry, the highest of mountains would see their peels melt and flee from their
I know, I should feel bitter. Yet, I do not. I am only grateful. Grateful, that I was allowed to bare wittness to
such beauty. Such beauty, that could make the burned soil bloom again, the beauty, that would break the
most furiouss of storms. The beauty, that would bring the light into the darkest night.
The beauty, that brings life into every tree and bloom after the cold winter has loosened it's grasp.
Yes, those, who never wittness such, they should feel bitter..

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