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Liittynyt: 4.3.2008

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I'm a musician, a poet,a singer, an author, an artist, and an actress. I'm complex, although at least I'm optimistic. I'm over and above positive, a pacifist, as well as nothing close to being pessimistic. I'm too happy, I'm the kind of girl who only smiles and seems fake, but you recognize that she's not. I understand that several of my poems are depressed, they are ancient, and i don't desire to cover them up, since they were a factor of me. I reside in Virginia, and i absolutely LOVE Obama, also i am a strong democrat. I am a duel-language/citizen, however English is my strongest. My cherished color is Rosa/Pink. And my favorite song is The Climb. -Peace :) I moved back to Finland around two years ago, Im perfectly fluent in Finnish, and dont even have an accent. I just choose to write in the language thats closest to me, in which I can express all the words the way I wish to.

Gazing into your eyes - nothing can hurt me, or drive me to hide.
You know all my mistakes, my troubles and still you have not left my side.

How can one simple smile from you truly cure everything?

Love isn't possible to explain, or will it make you fall twice.
Taking years to write down what it is would not suffice.

Thank you my lover for letting me run freely trough the fields,
Making me smile,laugh and pull down all my shields.

Thank you for freeing my spirit mind and soul.
For finally bringing me home.

A more positive poem on how people can really impact your life and help you find yourself.

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