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Liittynyt: 26.8.2006
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Sometimes the small world of ours is just way too large and ridiculously plural to know and learn all the necessary things, not to mention to experience even the tiniest part of all the stuff that you'd want to. Sometimes I really do have the feeling of wanting to live forever. And then I get some good physical excersise out there somewhere, eat a good meal and get some sleep. And the feeling passes for a moment. And, when I wake up, it's all dark again, in the brightest of morning sun. And I yet once again find myself asking, among the countless and endless questions to all of the unphatomable universe,  the only one that truly matters: "Why?"

Something and yesterday reminded me of this:

"Walking home
through all the streets unmoving
so quiet I could hear the timers of the traffic lights a block away:
the mechanism. Nobody else, just the silence
spreading out to where the long trucks groaned
on the highway their vast brute souls in want.

There must have been a true last time"

Stige asoke
Ja lyn tid jeg vet ha delt
Skulder dett be na more
Numb and sore
Throat and mind
I am sick today

Tried it all, sleep
Coffee and whisky
To not much good

I light a candle
First unwrapping it
A gift from a christmas pointless

Pondering the work
The now dead bees
Have done for the wax

Outside it's all white
Detailed with dark
Inexpressible scrimshaw

Underneath the ticking hour
A dream haunts me
With dullness of artillery

Its reports pinning me down
Into a moment I have no words for
I am unwillingly entrenched

Somehow they had it all right
Back when they knew nothing much
Did it look the same?

When the blues crept upon them
And when someone, yet again
Tried to break the world apart?

Beauty surrounds me
My mind and body
The winter monotony

The snow grows
Backwards from earth
To choking heavens


Välillä kannattaa olla täysin selvinpäin. Usko pois, se todellakin on hyvä asia.

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