Ofelia's madness

Runoilija Skeletorian

Liittynyt: 16.7.2011

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Olen tarvittaessa kaikkea halinallesta palkkamurhaajaksi. Tummaksi enkeliksi kutsuttu,
illanpunan luokseen vetävä ja lämminsydäminen, herkkä aamunvalosta nauttiva sadomasokisti.

How can one little girl with curl on her forehead
be so homicidal?
How can she thought that life wouldn't find her? How can life find her such a painful way, laughing with a pale full moon?

When she's good, she's good as a angel in a snow, that only true lovers may see...
But when she's not so good, she's out again, hunting for some blood like true sinner.

One night she was sad. Oh, so sad with her blood tears. She went out to moan, hoping moon would hear her.

So sadly cries heart of human beast.
So hopelessly cries this little girl.

In a garden, alone, she saw white roses. She closed her eyes, looked to the sky like a saint, she ain't. Roses bloomed with vivid colors, such a poison, full of thorns, they never can't be touch.

And the saddest thing there is...
When she looked to the mirror...

She saw she was me.


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